VersaSpa Skin care system
versa-spa tanning before-after
Introducing the next generation of a sunless tanning booth. Its automated voice will instruct and guide you to achieve in just seconds a nice natural bronze colour without UV exposure. VersaSpa. This new and improved unique natural solution has a pleasing fragrance including a heated comfort dry technology with air purification system. This skincare system combines innovation after innovation to transform your skin in just seconds. VersaSpa systems is the only system on the market that allows you to choose to tan just your face, your legs, or your full body!

  • Available at: Fun-Tan Moncton and Fun-Tan Dieppe

Under 19 years of age, $15 everyday

Monday Special, 1 full body session for $19.95

  • 1 Full body session, $30
  • 2 Full body sessions, $45
  • 4 Full body sessions, $80
  • 10 Full body sessions, $199
  • Versa Legs only, $15
  • Versa Face only, $10

Available in 3 levels and 2 solutions (bronzer or clear), you can achieve 6 different shades of color.

Level 1: Great for light to medium skin tones. Will get you about 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone.
Level 2: Great for medium skin tones. Will get you 2 to 4 shades darker than your natural skin tone.
Level 3: Great for medium dark to dark skin tones. Will get you 3 to 5 shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Before Your VersaSpa Tan
  • Shower and exfoliate your skin using sulphate free soap and shampoo (water-based exfoliant) like Amir products sold in store
  • Avoid using any make-up, deodorant, or any oil based products on any body parts
  • Best to shave before your spray tan
  • Come in wearing dark, loose, fitting clothing

In Room Preparation
  • Put shower cap on and expose your ears and hairline
  • Apply barrier cream thoroughly on your hands and feet
  • Apply barrier cream on your finger nails and toe nails
  • Apply barrier cream to the palm of your hands, ankles, soles of your feet
  • Make sure the floor in the VersaSpa booth is wet (if not, ask the tanning consultant)
  • Make sure to wipe off all the barrier cream
  • It’s recommended to wash your hands 30 minutes to 1 hour or as needed
  • This solution doesn’t protect against UV rays exposure. Make sure to apply proper protection

Maintaining Your VersaSpa Tan
  • Do not shower or do any physical activity for at least 6 to 8 hours ( as long as possible) after your VersaSpa session, as the DHA continues to develop
  • Moisturize on a daily basis, especially after you shower
  • Avoid exfoliating your skin until you are ready to tan again
  • Please Note: Salt water and chlorine will affect the life of your VersaSpa tan

The VersaSpa Sunless Bronzing formula is completely water soluble. Users may notice some initial cosmetic color on the inside of their clothing, but this color will wash out in cold water.
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